Made a recent visit to the Iptuci Saltworks in El Prado del Ray and secured some of their top quality salt product
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Situated in the  middle of the Los Alcornocales Natural Park , the Roman Salt Pans of Iptuci date back to the Bronze Age and are now the last inland salt pans still operating in Cádiz Province .

The existence of constantly running natural springs all year round with a high salt content , led to the original working of the pans by the Phoenicians some 3000 years ago . The Romans continued and expanded production coinciding with the establishment of the town of Iptuci on the Cabezon de Hortales mountain . Since those times nothing has changed in the method of extracting the salt.

Today extraction continues resulting in three grades of salt , namely :

Sal Virgen Iptuci

Sal en escamas Iptuci

Flor de sal Iptuci

The quality of these salts has lead to their use by some of Spain’s top restaurants , including :

Aponiente in El Puerto de  Santa Maria- 2 Michelin stars . Angel Leon chef.
And Basque Michelin chef – Martin Berasategui – 7 stars in total

These outstanding products are now available in the UK from :


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