MOJAMAS EN LONCHASIf you’re planning to serve tapas, you need the best quality products for your table.

From meats and cheeses to vinegars, oils, and wines, Productos del Marco has 10 tempting ideas to get an authentic flavour of the Jerez region of Spain:


  1. Salt-cured tuna slices from Barbate

The ingredients are simply tuna and sea salt, allowing the quality of the tuna to shine through. A perfect for fish-lovers at any tapas, try with a chilled Manzanilla


  1. Cured artisan goat’s cheese rolled in rosemary

This cheese is made with raw milk from Florida goats which graze on El Bucarito’s pastures. It is cured for seven months and pairs very well with Alhocen Chardonnay


  1. Smoked anchovy

Smoked to release the anchovy’s smooth flavour, a single anchovy is often served on top of a slice of toasted bread with grated tomatoes and drizzled extra virgin olive oil


  1. Raw goat’s milk cheese cured in pimentón

Cured for a total of seven months, this artisan cheese is made with raw milk from goats which graze on the pastures of El Bucarito. It is covered with a thin layer of the Spanish spice, pimentón. Team this with chorizo for a truly smoky and Spanish flavor and maybe pair with an Amontillado


  1. Banderillas de Mojama

Tuna, gherkins, and sunflower oil combine to create a colourful tapas dish which emphasises the quality of the tuna.


  1. Ibérican chorizo from acorn or cereal-fed Ibérico pigs

Chorizo Ibérico de CeboA fantastic, smoky ingredient which will lend flavour to several tapas dishes including prawns with chorizo (made with dry sherry, garlic, and parsley), patatas bravas, and sticky honey chorizo. A traditional and natural product matured for up to five months , worth a try with a Palo Cortado or Oloroso


  1. Traditional Jerez sherry vinegar

The flavour of Jerez on your dining table. Combine with our excellent quality olive oil for a truly tempting salad dressing or use in cooked tapas dishes.


  1. Oleovilla Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Made with fine Manzanilla olives from Hacienda Los Horgazales, our oil is made naturally and to the highest standards. This oil has a fruity flavour. Combine with our fine vinegars for dressings.


  1. Roble (Oak) 2014


An intense flavour of cherries, berries, and plums, this red wine has been aged for six months in oak barrels. Made with Tempranillo, Merlot, and Syrah grapes. Perfect with cheese and meats.


  1. Alhocen Chardonnay

This woody, refreshing white wine is made using Chardonnay grapes from the Cortijo de Torrecera vineyard, harvested at night to preserve their quality. The wine is aged in French oak barrels for four months before spending another four months ageing in the bottle. Perfect with fish, seafood, and cheeses.


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