The history of chorizo

img123The origins of chorizo lie in the Roman era when small sausages known as botellos were sold on the streets of the province of Hispania, which was to become Spain.
Throughout the centuries, pigs were raised alongside families in villages and were slaughtered in the streets, providing the families the meat for much of the following year.
The word chorizo originates from that ‘slaughter of the pigs’.
It wasn’t until peppers were imported to Spain from the Americas in the 16th century and pimentón was produced that the sausages took on their distinctive red colour. Pimentón, Spanish paprika, is made from dried and smoked peppers.
Before that, the sausages were white, or black if produced with blood.
In the 18th century, the chorizo was defined as a short piece of gut filled with chopped, smoke-cured pork.
From its origins in Spain and Portugal, chorizo has spread across the globe. It is now produced in Mexico, Argentina, and the Phillippines.

What are the ingredients?

12476Pork, bacon, garlic, paprika, and salt are the main ingredients.
Different regions use different herbs and spices to create distinctive flavours – including cumin, pepper, bay leaf, thyme, and oregano.
The ingredients are mixed and placed in the natural gut cases.
The sausages are tied and exposed to the air – often they are cured in smoke rooms to deter insects or smoked over oak wood fires then left to cure in a cool, dry place.
The process lasts 50 days and the flavour of the chorizo intensifies.
There are different chorizo meats used across the Iberian Peninsula.
Chorizo Iberico is made with the meat of Iberico pigs, while other forms of chorizo are made with deer, wild boar, and beef.
Generally, there are versions which are picante, or spicy, or dulce, sweet, depending on the type of pimentón which is used.
There are leaner varieties eaten as an appetiser or in tapas, and varieties with more fat for use in cooking. One of the best-loved dishes in Andalusia is a bean and chorizo stew (potaje).

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