One of the jewels in the crown of the food produce of Jerez is its fish and seafood.

The city is just 20km away from the sea and close to Sanlucar de Barrameda, which is famed for its prawns, and Cadiz, which is renowned for its oysters and sea urchins.

Among the most prized catch is the famous atún de almadraba – the finest tuna only caught for a few weeks in spring and autumn in the traditional way.

After the first full moon in May, fishermen from the Costa de la Luz set up a web of nets off the Atlantic coast to catch the tuna.

These are called the almadraba. They are placed close to the tuna migration routes as they pass through the Straits of Gibraltar and into the Mediterranean.

The tuna swim into the maze of nets until they reach the centre, where they are circled by boats. The net is lifted and the largest fish are selected in a process the fishermen call the levantá.

The fish are filleted aboard the boats.

The tuna they catch are the atún rojo, or red tuna, named after their red flesh.

It is so prized that it costs between 25 Euros and 40 Euros per kilo, and much of it is exported to Japan where it I made into sushi and sashimi.

The atún de almadraba which remains in Andalusia is often eaten raw in tuna tartare because of its fine texture and flavour.

Andalusia is also famed for its atún rojo, or bluefin tuna, which forms the basis of many tempting tapas dishes.


How you can get a taste of the tuna from Costa de la Luz:

You can sample the delights of Andalusian tuna in the comfort of your own home – just order our produce!

Here are three ways you could try it:


Sliced salt-cured tuna – called mojamas. Preserved in oil, this is a great addition to any dish.  Find out more here. Try the salt-cured tuna from the fishing town of Barbate, perfect for any tapas. See more details here.


Tuna loin in aromatic herbs. Made with onion, olive oil, rosemary, thyme, oregano, basil, and salt. Find out more here.


Ventresca of tuna with peas and peppers. The best cut of the tuna preserved in quality olive oil. A must for any good tapas party. Find out more here.


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