The refreshing taste of gazpacho is one of the enduring staples of Andalusian cuisine.

The cold soup made from vegetables including tomato, cucumber, and garlic traditionally also contains bread, water, vinegar, oil and salt.

Although now widely served as an appetiser across Spain, it originated as a peasant or shepherd’s dish in Andalusia, helping them cope with the area’s hot summers and using up stale bread.

It’s believed the Romans originally brought a version of the soup to the Iberian Peninsula, where vinegar was added.

In the 19th Century, tomatoes were also added to the recipe, creating the red gazpacho now seen across the world.

Modern versions can, however, leave out the tomatoes and add watermelon, grapes, meat stock, seafood, parsley, or avocados.

In Andalusia, it’s typical for gazpachos to include tomatoes, cucumber, peppers, garlic, onions, stale bread, olive oil, wine vinegar, and salt.

The herbs and raw vegetables are often washed and then pounded in a pestle or mortar or blended together, then other ingredients including chilled water are added.

Sometimes, there is a final blending to produce a smooth texture.

Gazpacho is often served with a garnish of chopped ham or boiled eggs, chopped almonds, or sliced vegetables.

You will see red, white, and green versions of gazpacho – the white leaving out the tomatoes and the green getting its colour from the herbs used.

Each town has a different version.

In Rota in Cadiz, a traditional arranque roteño is a version of gazpacho without the bread and using less water, which was scarce.

In the town of Extramadura, the cojondongo del gañán is a puree made of garlic, breadcrumbs, oil, vinegar, chopped onions, tomato and peppers.

Do you have the authentic ingredients to create your own Andalusian gazpacho?

If you’re creating your own gazpacho starter or tapas dish, you need the real taste of Andalusia to make it a traditional dish:

Wine vinegar – Try our Ferral wine vinegar, a true taste of Jerez de la Frontera.

Or you could sample our wine vinegar from Bodegas José Mellado Martin which is aged in oak barrels, giving it a deep colour.

Our traditional Jerez vinegar is aged for five years in barrels in a solera system identical to the way sherry is produced. It has a soft, round taste.

Olive oil – Our Oleovilla oil has the authentic taste of Andalusia. It is made with Manzanilla olives from Hacienda Los Horgazales, has golden appearance and a fruity taste

Ibérico ham – Our diced Ibérico ham is the perfect garnish for any gazpacho, or you could dice our artisan salami made from Ibérico ham.

Wine – Gazpacho should be served with an authentic wine from Jerez. Our vino blanco is a light and refreshing wine which would complement any summer dish. It is best served very cold and has a fruity taste, with citrus tones.

You can see more of our wines here.

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