Home from your Spanish holiday? Here are 10 ways you can bring a taste of Jerez to your kitchen

Most of us are getting back to work after our summer holidays.

If you’re missing sun-kissed Spanish beaches, warm winds, tempting tapas, and refreshing sherry, step into the kitchen and recreate some of the magic!

From kidneys or tuna cooked in sherry to a cocktail which brings back the memories of Jerez, we have recipe ideas to help prolong the good times.

Here are our 10 ways you can recreate the taste of Jerez in your home cooking with our authentic ingredients:


  1. Make Jamie Oliver’s tempting potato and chorizo omelette using our artisan Ibérico chorizo sausages. See the recipe here.


  1. Cook up some Spanish tuna-stuffed piquillo peppers. This is a quick and easy dish which can be put together in 15 minutes – perfect for lunch or a post-work mid-week dinner. Get the recipe here.


  1. Are you brave enough to cook Riñones al Jerez? They are lamb or veal kidneys cooked in Jerez wine. Choose the best wine for your dish from our extensive range. Get the recipe here.


  1. Make a roasted beet and goat’s cheese salad. Select your favourite goat’s cheese from our artisan range. Check out the recipe here.


  1. Mix up the Jerez cocktail – using sherry, bandy, and triple sec. It’s the perfect pre-dinner cocktail. Here’s the recipe.


  1. Fry a thick tuna steak in our oloroso sherry for the real taste of Jerez de le Frontera, the sherry capital of the world. Try this version of the traditional tuna with sweet onions dish often cooked in Jerez – get the recipe here.


  1. Cook a brunch of Spanish eggs, chorizo, and peppers using our sliced chorizo. Find the recipe here. It’s a great, one-pan dish to make any weekend brunch easy.


  1. Braise fennel in palo cortado or oloroso sherry and top with a crumb of soft pretzels and crumbled artisan goat’s cheese. Experiment with different cheese coatings for different flavours. Here’s the recipe.


  1. Bake a tuna empanada with a filling of tuna, red peppers, olives, boiled eggs, and sweet paprika. Try the recipe here. Perfect for children’s lunchboxes or a hearty snack.


  1. Make Spanish beans with chicken and chopped chorizo. Perfect for a family get-together. Get the recipe



Here are the must-have Jerez foods you’ll need in your larder


Chorizo Ibérico de Cebo – an authentic ingredient with a natural flavour and aroma, perfect for tapas and for cooking.


Salchicón Ibérico de Cebo – matured for two months, this salami packs in big flavours.


Moscatel Pasas Solera Abuela – a rich, velvety Moscatel wine.


Élite (Oloroso) – a smooth and rich wine made from Palomino and Pedro Ximénez grapes.


Queso Curado en Romero Pasteurizado – a cured, pasteurised artisan cheese rolled in rosemary.


El Cocinero – an aged sherry vinegar perfect for cooking and salad dressings.


Tacos de Jamón Ibérico – diced Iberian ham. Add this to your dishes for that distinctive, smoky flavour.

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