The nights are drawing in and you may feel like curling up in front of the fire.

So, here are 12 of our Andalusian treats you can enjoy as autumn becomes winter:


  1. Alhocen Selección Personal – An elegant red wine made from Merlot, Syrah, Tempranillo, and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes which are harvested at night to retain their juicy quality. Produced exclusively at the Cortijo de Torrecera vineyard, this wine has aromas of toasted spices and red berries. It is ideal for serving after opening and warming in front of the fire to 73F, and can be easily paired with mature cheeses.
  2. Entrecote Ternera Retinta – Our steaks from Retinto cattle raised on the lush Andalusian pastures are tender and juicy. Perfect for your favorite steak recipe. Impress your other half or treat the family.
  3. Queso Curado en Romero Pasteurizado – An artisan goat’s cheese made from milk from the El Bucarito herd. It is aged for a total of seven months and rolled in aromatic rosemary to give it an intense flavour.
  4. Amontillado Urium Clásico – A rounded, elegant Amontillado sherry with a beautiful amber colour, a delicate taste of hazelnuts and vanilla, and a light bouquet. Perfect as an aperitif or as a drink to be enjoyed with a light, midweek supper.
  5. Banderillas de Mojama – Perfect for some fireside tapas or as an appetiser before dinner. Our skewers of tuna, cheese, and gherkin give you an authentic taste of Andalusia.
  6. Chocolate Blanco con Trufa Blanco – Chocolate and hazelnut hearts with white truffle. A sweet treat and the perfect after-dinner gift.
  7. Petit Verdot – An exceptional red wine made by Luis Pérez from Petit Verdot grapes in a low-production vineyard. This packs a powerful punch and is the perfect accompaniment to warming winter casseroles, roasted lamb, and pork dishes.
  8. Ventresca de Atún con Guisantes y Pimiento – A true taste of Jere de la Frontera, our tuna in peppers, peas, and olive oil makes a quick snack, succulent starter, or an excellent tapas dish. Ventresca is the best cut of tuna, highly prized in Andalusia.
  9. Fino – Antique – AN exceptional Fino sherry with a fine and delicate taste. This is the ideal sherry to pair with fish, shellfish, sausages, and olives. If you’re having some quick and easy tapas this autumn, it’s perfect.
  10. Queso Curado en Pimentón de Leche Cruda – A raw milk cheese made from goat’s milk from the El Bucarito herd. Matured for seven months, this artisan cheese has a thin layer of the familiar taste of Spain, pimentón – the spice made from Spanish peppers.
  11. Brandy Solera Gran Reserva – Aged for 15 years in American oak barrels, this brandy from Jerez completes a meal perfectly and is a fine gift.
  12. Chorizo Ibérico de Cebo – Chorizo made from Ibérico pigs fed on acorns and cereal in El Bucarito, Andalusia. A fantastic addition to your cooking or slice and serve with olives for a tasty tapas dish.


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