With Christmas fast approaching, our thoughts turn to the food and drinks we want to serve to and enjoy with our loved ones.

Why not sprinkle a little Andalusian magic on your festive feasts this year? Here are ideas for all the 12 days of Christmas:


  1. Enjoy your Christmas party with a fine sherry from Jerez de la Frontera. Sherry is a traditional Christmas gift in the UK and it is the perfect aperitif for visitors, neighbours, family and friends. Try this antique Amontillado sherry – an exceptional drink with a dry, fine taste and the aroma of almonds.


  1. Ham is another Christmas staple. Try an Andalusian twist with slices of acorn-fed Ibérico ham, a traditional taste of Jerez de la Frontera.


  1. No Christmas table would be complete without a cheese board. This artisan goat’s cheese rolled on aromatic rosemary would be a wonderful addition with crackers and grapes. It is made with milk from Florida goats who graze on the lush pastures of El Bucarito. Or, you could inject a little heat with this raw milk cheese rolled in the Spanish spice, pimentón.


  1. Make your festive cocktails and drinks with our gins and vodka. Try our Old Oxford 1970 dry lime gin for a fresh taste, or give our Pancracio chocolate vodka as an indulgent gift.


  1. Pair your turkey or goose with our 12 Meses 2012, a smooth red wine which is perfect with poultry. If you’re having roasted lamb over the holidays, combine it with our Entrechuelos Premium.


  1. Made a sherry trifle with our cream sherry from Dios Baco – a wonderful accompaniment for sweets and desserts.


  1. Tapas is perfect party food, so stock up with our smoked tuna skewers, salt-cured tuna, chorizo made from acorn-fed pigs, and raw goat’s milk cheese in a fine coating of olive oil.


  1. Always have something small and sweet when you visit someone’s home this Christmas. Our hazelnut and dark chocolate truffles are an after-dinner treat. Make yourself popular with the ones you love with our chocolate hearts, or fool the kids with our chocolivas – they’re chocolates, but they look just like olives.


  1. Having a dessert treat? Our Pedro Ximinéz Hechizo fortified dessert wine is perfect with meringues.


  1. Looking for the perfect gift for the brandy-lover in your life? Look no further than our Brandy Solera Gran Reserva Décanter Selecto aged in American oak barrels, with an aroma of toasted almonds and wood. Pair this brandy with chocolate and cigars.


  1. Looking for a sweet stocking filler? Try our lemon peel in white chocolate.


  1. Round off your Christmas evening with an exceptional, velvety brandy. Try our Brandy Solera Gran Reserve Único.


A Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad, to all our customers!

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