Planning the perfect meal for your love this Valentine’s Day? Inject a little Andalusian passion with our authentic produce from Jerez de la Frontera.

Here are 14 ways you can show your love with a Spanish taste:

  1. Our wine made by Luis Pérez solely from Petit Verdot grapes in a low-production vineyard is perfect for sharing with your love. Open it in front of the fire or sip wit with a romantic meal.
  2. No Valentine’s Day list would be complete without our 70% cocoa chocolate hearts. The perfect gift or after-dinner treat.
  3. Is your Valentine a cheese lover? Take them our raw milk artisan cheese rolled in aromatic rosemary. Share it as a snack or on the cheese board at dinner.
  4. Make the perfect tapas dish with our wild boar salami with pepper – a tasty treat for meat lovers.
  5. Our olive pate on toast would be a fine starter for your Valentine’s Day meal. It is created from olives, extra virgin olive oil, bread, wine vinegar, garlic, and pimentón.
  6. Take an exceptional sherry as an aperitif. Try our Antique Amontillado made from 100% Palomino Fino grapes. Its long, dry finish makes it perfect with nuts, sausages, poultry and cheeses.
  7. Our smoked tuna skewers are an ideal starter, giving your Valentine the true taste of Jerez.
  8. Finish your meal with our fine Solera Gran Reserva It’s wonderful with chocolate or cigars.
  9. Make a gin and tonic or a cocktail with our Old Oxford gin – perfect with ice and a slice!
  10. Sweeten up your love with our almond and praline cream truffles. A wonderful combination of sweet cream and bitter cocoa. Delicious!
  11. Serving a sweet pudding? Accompany it with one of our delicious dessert wines. This dark Moscatel has the aroma of honey, figs, and dates. Ideal with chocolate desserts.
  12. Our pork salami would be an ideal ingredient in many mouth-watering dishes, or wonderful served sliced in tapas.
  13. Impress your love with our Armagnac truffles. A sweet gesture!
  14. Give your sweetheart the finest of Palo Cortado sherries – our Imperial VORS has been matured for an average of 30 years and has all the best qualities of an Amontillado and an Oloroso.


Ideas for a little Spanish passion…

Spain has dishes which are perfect for a romantic meal for two.

How about langostinos cocidos, or boiled prawns in salsa rosa? Or pork chops a la madrilène served with paprika and roasted potatoes?

Follow it up with a coffee flan or one of our sweet treats. Perfection!

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