Sherry is a magic ingredient.

It can be added to so many dishes to give them an added zing, a depth of flavour which cooks love.

So, here are nine ideas for spicing up the food you serve to your family and friends this Easter:


  1. Make sherry trifle – the classic British dessert. Sponge or Madeira cake should be steeped in sherry before fruits and custard, then whipped cream, are added to the dish and it is refrigerated. Use a cream or a pale cream sherry for this to give it a sweeter taste than a dry sherry.


  1. Use it as an Easter lunch aperitif – sherry is the perfect drink to offer the relatives and your friends as they wait for the Easter lamb or chicken to roast. A dry sherry is often best as an aperitif.


  1. Are you serving fish or shellfish this Good Friday? Use a dry sherry to steam your fish, giving it an added flavour. Try this recipe for sherry-steam razor clams from chef James Martin.


  1. Fry lamb’s kidneys with sherry to get a truly authentic Andalusian taste this Easter. Chef José Pizarro has an excellent recipe for this dish. Check it out here. This dish is delicious served with mashed potatoes and pine nuts, so would make an excellent brunch dish or supper.


  1. Serve a sherry cocktail – a great way to enjoy the weekend with friends. Try a Sherry Cobbler – sherry with sugar, seasonal berries, orange slices, and mint. Put the orange slices and sugar in a cocktail shaker and muddle, then add the other ingredients. Shake and strain into a glass over crushed ice.


  1. Add it to gravy or soups – this creates a real depth of flavour for your Easter lunch. Dry styles such as Fino and Manzanilla sherries are perfect for this.


  1. Slow cooking meat or poultry? Use a medium sherry such as Amontillado or Oloroso in the glaze to give your roast an added zing.


  1. Fancy a little grown-up ice cream? Drizzle sweet Pedro Ximénez sherry over it to give the dish an adult flavour.


  1. Use it to bring out the flavour of roast parsnips. James Martin has an excellent recipe which shows how sherry helps to bring out the vegetable’s innate sweetness. See it here.


Which sherries should I choose?

Take a look at whether your recipe needs a dry, medium, or sweet sherry. Here are some suggestions:

Dry – Our Fino Classic is light, dry, and perfect for adding to recipes or steaming fish.

Medium – Our Amontillado Classic by Fernando de Castilla would make an excellent glaze for meat.

Sweet – Our Pedro Ximénez Classic is perfect for desserts and to serve with chocolates or sweets after a meal.


Take a look at the sherries and brandies we have on offer here – giving you a true taste of Spain.


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