It’s the start of barbecue season, so here are 11 Andalusian foods and drinks which are perfect for a cook out in good weather…


  1. Our Retinto beef steaksare just made for grilling. Their succulent taste is brought out by smoky barbecue sauces. The meat is Retinto-breed certified by the Retinto National Association and the cattle are raised on the lush meadows surrounding Vejer de la Frontera which offer year-round grazing.


  1. The smoky flavour of pimentòn is perfect for barbecue season. So, adding some of this pasteurised, cured goat’s cheeserolled in the Spanish spice into a salad or tapas dish would be a wonderful touch.


  1. Create wonderful tapas dishes for your al fresco fining using the finest ham from acorn-fed Ibérico pigs. Our slices of Ibérico hamfrom free range pigs (bellota) is perfect for that.


  1. There’s something about a crisp, white wine during a barbecue. Our Alhocen Chardonnayis sweet and dry with a pleasantly woody after-taste.


  1. Create rubs and sauces using the best sherry vinegars from Jerez de la Frontera. El Cocinerois an aromatic, aged sherry vinegar perfect for marinades, dressings, and sauces.


  1. Make the perfect drink for an afternoon in the garden with our Old Oxford 1970strawberry gin. Perfect with tonic or in a cocktail.


  1. Liven up your barbecue meat with our Salsa Pichichurrimade from typical Andalusian ingredients such as targaninas (Spanish oyster plants), garlic, and pimentòn.


  1. Looking for a different side dish? Serve up our wild artichoke heartsfor a truly Spanish flavour to your barbecue.


  1. Love a red wine? Our Garumis smooth and pairs well with cheeses, nuts, game, and rice dishes.


  1. Our salt-cured tuna from Barbateis an excellent appetiser for a barbecue – a wonderful foil to all the steaks and sausages.


How do you ensure your barbecue food stays safe?

The last thing you need is for your guests to go down with a tummy bug or food poisoning. Here’s how you can keep your food safe:

  • Clean your grill/barbecue with bicarbonate of soda and wash off with warm, soapy water.
  • Keep salads, eggs, and sauces in the fridge until you need them – and be extra careful with items such as mayonnaise.
  • Make sure any frozen meat or fish is properly thawed before the barbecue begins.
  • Get the coals lit for some time before you need to cook to ensure the temperature is high enough to kill any bacteria.
  • Wash your hands with warm, soapy water before and after handling food.
  • Keep raw and cooked meats separate, use different utensils, and don’t chop or prepare on the same board. Don’t use marinades which have been put onto raw meat on vegetables or cooked meats.
  • Make sure meat is piping hot all the way through, there is no pink meat left, and the juices run clear.
  • Cover food well.
  • Make sure left-overs are cooled and refrigerated within two hours of being cooked. Use within three days. Reheat once until piping hot. If in any doubt – throw them out.


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