Breakfast like a king, they say…and who are we to disagree?

We love to add a special Andalusian flavour to our breakfast dishes, and we’ve come up with six easy ways you can incorporate a little touch of Spain in the most important meal of the day…


  1. Use an artisan Andalusian jam on your toast

Try our amazing, hand-made organic cherry jam, which is perfect for your breakfast toast or to use in baking.

Our classic strawberry jam made from organically-farmed fruit is a favourite with all ages, and our apple and brown sugar jam has the wonderful taste of cinnamon.


  1. Add Ibérico black pudding to your fried breakfast

Try a taste of Spain with your Full English breakfast. Our Ibérico blood pudding is made using Iberian pork fat, lean meat, salt and spices. Perfect with bacon and eggs.


  1. Drizzle some Andalusian honey in your porridge

Our organic honey made with a thousand flowers comes from bees which buzz around the beautiful countryside at Rancho Cortesano. There are so many flowers in the mountains and meadows, and this gives our honey its distinctive taste.


  1. Serve slices of Iberian ham with cheese

Create that continental breakfast buffet feel by having slices of delicious Iberian ham with cheeses. Our slices are made with pigs fed on acorns and cereal.


  1. Have pate on toast – Spanish style

Try our Paté Picarnina on your breakfast toast, especially if you love savoury things. It is made from targaninas, a Spanish plant with a unique taste, and a sprinkling of the Spanish paprika, pimentòn.


  1. Forget kippers, try Andalusian mackerel

Give yourself a breakfast protein boost with our delicious mackerel fillets preserved in olive oil.

Why not combine them with an omelette for breakfast? If you do, you could add our marine algae essence to give yourself a real taste of the sea.


What do Andalusians eat for breakfast?


Many start the day in a simple way with fresh bread drizzled with fine olive oil and a little salt, or bread, olive oil, and tomato. Some people will layer their bread and tomatoes with ham.

Often, the bread will be unleavened rolls called mollettes or ‘village’ bread – a thin-crusted bread which is cut into thick slices for toast.

In agricultural areas where there is manual labour to be done, these toast slices are sometimes covered in ‘red lard’ – lard spiced with pimentòn, oregano, and bay leaves.

Breakfast is usually accompanied by coffee with milk, but Andalusians do also have hot chocolate and churros for breakfast.

Why not try our Oleovilla oil and our Iberian ham from acorn-fed pigs on your bread with tomatoes to get an authentic Andalusian taste? See what else we have for your store cupboard here.






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