Are you ready for the most important meal of the year?

Christmas lunch is the time when we all showcase our cooking skills, show off new products, and impress our family and friends with our food.

So, why not give them a taste of the Andalusian food you adore, and make them wonder what your magic ingredients are?

Here are our top seven suggestions for ways to do that… 

  1. Warming red wines to serve with turkey, goose, or pork joints

Our 12 Meses 2012pairs wonderfully with poultry and hearty main courses and makes a cheerful addition to any Christmas table with its cherry red colour in the glass.

For a rich and robust red, try our Alhocen Syrah Merlot which is wonderful when drunk with meat dishes.

  1. Chorizos and salamis to slice with your Brussels sprouts

Our wild boar salami with pepper would make your Brussels sprouts zing. It has a real flavour of the Andalusian forests.

The wonderful taste of Ibérico ham is renowned across the world, thanks to the acorn and cereal-fed pigs who are raised in Andalusia, and our Ibérico chorizois packed full of it.

  1. Sherries to make your sherry trifle sing, or to serve as an aperitif

Try the Cream Classicby Fernando de Castilla for your trifles and sherry-laced desserts. It has a hint of sweetness which will come through in your puddings.

The Amontillado Uriumis one of the finest sherries Spain produces. Its balanced flavour and woody notes make it an excellent sherry to serve as an aperitif.

  1. Brandies to flame your pudding and serve with your chocolates

Our Luis Enriquebrandy is ideal to pour over your traditional Christmas pudding, set aflame, and make a stunning entrance to the table. It is also wonderful when served with desserts and cheeses, so you could kill two birds with one stone with this brandy!

If you’re looking for an exceptional brandy to serve with chocolates or cigars this Christmas, the single-cask brandy Gran Reservais the ideal choice. Sample its intense aroma and complex taste.

  1. Tempting chocolate treats to serve with coffee

Our dark chocolate wafers are positively sinful! Enjoy them at the end of your meal, or as a stocking filler for your favourite person.

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a box of our chocolate and Armagnac truffles. The perfect way to round off your meal, or something to enjoy in front of the Queen’s speech.

  1. Cheeses for your cheese board

Sample the intense flavour and smoky taste of our pasteurized goat’s cheese rolled in the Spanish paprika, pimentón.

Our raw goat’s milk cheese rolled in rosemary is cured for a total of seven months, two months in the fragrant herb. Enjoy its creamy taste.

  1. Ham to wrap across the turkey’s back

Give your turkey a fantastic flavour with our slices of Ibérico ham made from acorn and cereal-fed pigs, or slices of Bellotaham created from pigs who roam the oak forests free-range and feed on acorns.


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