Are you heading off for a holiday in Andalusia this summer? If so, here are our recommendations for some of the amazing produce you can find from the region.

Why not cook up a pre-trip meal to get you in the mood?

  1. Oloroso sherry

Andalusia is the home of the ‘sherry triangle’, so it’s a product you simply must sample if you visit. Oloroso is a dark, rich sherry which is the perfect partner to meat, game, and cheeses. We recommend the Dios Baco Oloroso made from Palomino grapes. It is an excellent aperitif.

  1. Ibérico ham and pork

This traditional meat is made with pigs fed on acorns and cereal and is a true taste of Andalusia. The ham is ideal in tapas and the pork is a key ingredient in Andalusian dishes such as pringá – a slow-cooked meat dish served with crusty bread. We recommend trying our slices of Ibérico ham.

  1. Targaninas

This Andalusian wild herb is an ingredient in many traditional dishes and often accompanies local meats. Try our targaninas.

  1. Fresh and smoked tuna

The Cadiz area is known for its high-quality tuna, and the town of Barbate is famed for its annual tuna festival. Check out our recipe for tuna and onion stew. Smoked tuna makes a wonderful appetiser. We recommend thin slices of smoked tuna in olive oil.

  1. Goat’s cheese

Andalusia is famed for its artisan goat’s cheeses made with milk from Florida goats in the El Bucarito herd. We recommend this raw milk cheese rolled in the Spanish smoky paprika, pimentón.

  1. Petit Verdot red wine

This is a rich, fruity red wine which is perfect with roast lamb.

We recommend trying our Petit Verdot wine by Luis Perez. The petit verdot grapes are hand-harvested at night in boxes weighing no more than 15kg, to protect them.

  1. Paté picarnina

The unique taste of this form of golden thistle makes a spicy paté which is perfect on bread and used as an ingredient in stews. Take a look at our paté.

  1. Dark honey

This intensely flavoured honey is made from molasses of the Holm Oaks found in Grazalema Natural Park. It’s rich in iron. We recommend Rancho Cortesano’s Miel de Encina.

  1. Retinto beef

One of the greatest secrets of Andalusian cuisine, retinto beef is a prized delicacy. Read more about it in our guide to the subject. We recommend our retinto beef steaks for your barbecue this summer.

  1. Sherry vinegar

This vinegar is aged in wined oak barrels, just like sherry itself. It’s a vital ingredient of many Andalusian tapas dishes. We recommend an aged Jerez vinegar by Fernando de Castilla.

  1. Fino sherry

These sherries are fresh and often have a delicate flavour, and we recommend an exceptional Antique Fino by Fernando de Castilla.

  1. Venison chorizo

This smoky sausage is perfect for tapas and as an ingredient in the hearty stews of Andalusia. We recommend this oak-smoked chorizo.

  1. Chocolivas

They’re delicious chocolates, but they look just like olives. We love that. Try these unusual sweets from Pancraico.

  1. Brandy from Jerez

Jerez de la Frontera is not only famous for its sherries, it is famous for its high quality, aged brandies, too. We recommend this brandy aged in American oak casks by Fernando de Castilla.

  1. Melva

This pink-fleshed fish is hugely popular in Andalusia. We recommend sampling it in this product, melva fillets in olive oil.

Have a great trip to our favourite place in the world! Check out our other foods in our online shop.

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