There’s nothing better than a summer picnic, whether you spread the blanket with family or friends!

The problem is that some picnic foods can be a little…underwhelming.

So, instead of settling for soggy egg and cress sandwiches, why not pack your basket with Andalusian tapas treats which will make your picnic bountiful rather than boring?

Here are our recommendations…

  1. A selection of goat’s cheeses from the El Bucarito herd of Florida goats. The cured, pasteurised artisan cheese rolled in rosemary is matured for seven months and has an intense flavour. If you’re serving the cheese with wine, our artisan cheese cured in Tintilla de Rota wine has a bitter-sweet taste and is the perfect accompaniment. Our pasteurised, cured cheese rolled in the Spanish smoked paprika, pimentón, adds heat and intense flavour to any cheese board.
  2. Slice a salami or chorizo to share. Try a delicious Ibérico pork salami, made from pigs reared on the meadows of Cádiz, a wild boar chorizo made from wild boar meat and the belly of Ibérico pigs, or the Ibérico bellota chorizo made from the meat of acorn-fed pigs, which has a beautiful taste.
  3. Spread some paté on your baguettes. This mouth-watering green aubergine paté is made with extra virgin olive oil, garlic, lemon juice, salt, paprika, pepper, and cumin. Or, pack this spicy paté picárragos, a paté made from asparagus.
  4. Use a salsa to spice up your meat dishes. We recommend this smoky salsa pichichurri made with Spanish oyster plants, pimentón, garlic, and wine vinegar.
  5. Pack a bottle of white wine to uncork. Chardonnays always complement picnic food well, and we recommend the Alhocen Chardonnnay which has been aged for four months in French oak barrels. It has a refreshing and slightly sweet taste. Or, try the Vino Blanco from Cortijo de Jara which is fruity and fresh.
  6. If you love fish, pack our anchovy, olive, and red pepper skewers, our salt-cured tuna from Barbate, or our smoked tuna and cheese skewers.
  7. The 15&30 Belgian blond beer with a light spritz is perfect for summer meals. This artisan beer is fermented slowly with Fino sherry-wine yeast.
  8. Got a sweet tooth? Make sure you take along the Pancracio white chocolate and hazelnut sweets with white truffle or red chocolate hearts, also from Pancracio.
  9. Take some refreshing Fino sherry. We recommend this sherry from Dios Baco which is dry and pairs well with fish and seafood.

How can I keep my picnic food safe?

In summer, it’s important to ensure we keep our tempting treats safe to avoid food poisoning.

So, here are a few tips…

  • Use hand sanitiser or wash your hands, and pre-wash any vegetables or fruit, especially salad leaves or lettuce.
  • Cook meats, eggs, and fish thoroughly before taking them on your picnic. Use a meat thermometer to make sure your meat is safe. Temperatures to cook to: beef, lamb, pork, and fish – 145°F; eggs, hamburgers, and minced meats – 160°F; turkey or chicken – 165°F. Or, use pre-cooked and cured meats and store them at the temperatures on the packaging.
  • Keep your food and wines chilled in a chiller box or bag which is at below 40 °F. Don’t allow food to sit out at temperatures between 40 °F and 140 °F for more than two hours.

Have a wonderful picnic! Check out our other foods in our online shop.

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