The weather’s turning and it’s time for us to turn our minds to autumnal comfort food.

However, those warming meals don’t have to be bland or boring! In fact, they can be spiced up with our amazing ingredients from Andalusia.

Here are our top nine suggestions…


Chorizo – This packs a flavour punch which few products can match, perfect for using in dishes and as a tapas dish on its own. When it comes to comfort food, you can’t beat the classics like cottage pie and shepherd’s pie. However, you can give them added oomph with our Iberian ham chorizo.


Sherry vinegar – Create a wonderful chicken dish with a tarragon and sherry vinegar sauce for your casserole. Fernando de Castilla’s traditional Jerez vinegar is aged for five years in wine-soaked barrels.


Retinto beef – What better way to enjoy a steak than to use prime cuts of Retinto beef tenderloin? Serve with a spicy peppercorn sauce or use one of our goat’s cheeses to make a tangy cheese sauce.


Red wine – Our silky smooth Garum wine is not just perfect to serve with game, stews, and casseroles, it is also the ideal ingredient for red wine sauces and casserole sauces. We love hearty beef, pearl barley, and vegetable stews.


Tuna – Flake some of our tuna belly in olive oil into your favourite fish pie mix to add some Spanish style to your comforting autumnal dinner.


Brandy – Soak your apples for your traditional apple pie or apple crumble in Brandy Luís Enrique to give it a grown-up kick! Sweeten your desserts with our organic honey.


Ibérico ham – Wrap your chicken breasts with our slices of Ibérico ham made from acorn and cereal-fed pigs for a true taste of Andalusia. Or, you could use our ham in omelettes, soups, stews, or make a Jerez de la Frontera version of a classic carbonara sauce for pasta.


Cheeses – Crumble our mouth-watering mature artisan goat’s cheese made with raw milk into mashed potato to make an unusual cheese and potato pie or stuff our raw milk goat’s cheese rolled in wheat bran with garlic cloves and bake it for a warming starter. Melt our artisan cheese matured in red wine into a fondue and enjoy its deep flavour with croutons.


Sherry – Create a mushroom and sherry sauce for your risotto. It’s veggie, tasty, and so versatile! Our Fino Classic by Fernando de Castilla is perfect for this sort of dish.


Venison salami – Add some of this salami with pepper to your tray bakes for added gamey taste. Release its full flavour by drizzling some oil on it.


Enjoy those autumnal classics! Check out our other foods in our online shop.

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