I’m missing the wonderful taste of Andalusia after my holiday…what can I do?

Going back to work after you summer holiday can seem like a drag.

So, why not beat the post-holiday blues and take a little taste of Spain with you in your lunchbox?

Here’s our guide to packing the true taste of Andalusia in your Tupperware!



  • There’s nothing like a paella to bring back great memories of Spain. So, why not check out this recipe for giant prawn paella? Just imagine opening your lunchbox and finding that in there! Key ingredients include extra virgin olive oil – try our Oleovilla oil – and dry white wine – we suggest our vino blanco from the Cortijo de Jara



  • For vegans, our Andalusian chickpeas and spinach dish is a lovely light lunch and is even better when left for a day after being made. So, perfect for lunchboxes! Make sure you use our fine vinegar from Fernando de Castilla to drizzle on top of it.


  • Get a taste of the sea with our smoked tuna and cheese skewers. A fantastic treat to liven up any work-day lunch. Or, make the Andalusian version of salad Niçoise with our succulent tuna bellies in olive oil.


  • Adding mouth-watering meats to salad is a great way to get your protein and help to keep the pounds off. So, why not try our slices of artisan blood sausage, or our slices of ham from acorn and cereal-fed Ibérico pigs.


  • Fancy a Spanish omelette? Add our diced Ibérico ham to give it that Andalusian touch. It’s a convenient way of saving you time when your put together your lunches for the week.


  • As we’re on our way into the autumn, why not put together a classic vegetarian dish from the region? Alboronia is the Andalusian ratatouille and is wonderful served with boiled, sliced eggs. Our sofrito casero is a useful tomato base for all sort of stews and casseroles.


  • A little something sweet will also help sweeten the way back to work. You could pack our crunchy almond and chocolate sweets or our chocolivas, chocolates disguised as olives. If you’re feeling generous, you could even share them among your colleagues.


Take a look at the range of wines, sherries, brandies, meats, cheeses, store cupboard staples, and oils and vinegars we have on offer in our shop.





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